Town Centre

Towering apartment blocks, shopping malls, urban parks, and rapid transit, Town Centre glistens as the new urban core of the City of Coquitlam. Take a walk along Glen Drive through Westwood Village and discover the boutique restaurants that line this fabulous block. Coquitlam Centre lies at the centre as the largest shopping mall in the Tri-Cities, and houses some of the very best in shopping and dining and fulfills the shopping needs of the population around Coquitlam and the surrounding communities. Surrounding residents also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lafarge Lake and the benefits this urban lake and trail system offers this fantastic suburb.

  • Lafarge Town Centre

With the completion of the Evergreen Skytrain Line by December of 2016, Town Centre will be easily accessible by rapid transit from Downtown Vancouver and New Westminster, and will reach its true potential as one of the designated regional “town centres” of Metro Vancouver. Already the lands surrounding Coquitlam Centre are slowly being redeveloped into high density residential dwellings, and more and more commercial buildings are making an appearance. Now is an exciting time to live in one of Metro Vancouver’s newest urban developments and to be a part of this rapid transformation.